Academics :

Educational qualifications, grade, Institute, percentage, subjects and class obtained details to be accurate which includes your post graduation/professional courses if obtained any.
 Career History :

Past employment record which includes the name of your previous organisations, the employment duration (From and To), your immediate superior, your current designation and salary break up.
 Responsibility :

List out your current and previous responsibilities in detail.
 Achievements :

This is your chance to shine, don’t hesitate!
List all your achievements, awards, scholarships, improvements, etc.
Example; Have you improved policies, procedures and efficiencies in your career? Saved the company time or money. Automation of manual work into online system.
 IT Skills :

Make the most of this section and list them all.
List all IT software packages that you are using or have had experience of in the past.
 Hobbies or Extra Curricular Activities :

List out of work activities, interests, social work, and membership of clubs.
 Finally Remember :

Presentation is everything.
Make your RESUME stand out from the crowd by printing on high quality paper.
Avoid spelling errors.
Read through your Resume.
Don’t take it for granted - is it targeted to the role you are applying for? If not, edit it.
Because First impression is the last impression.