Are you looking for your dream job?

You may have a general idea or perhaps a particular ideal in mind. It could be that you've experienced it at some point in your career and now it has slipped away. Like most of us, you are striving to turn the dream into reality. We grow up with the impression that somewhere there is the ideal job. The ideal exists in our minds-eye as our vocation - a square hole for our square peg. Find that ideal and we're home and dry!
So we search for our vocation, believing it to be out there somewhere. The possibilities that are available are a matter of chance - fluctuations in the economy open and deny options by the law of supply and demand. The period in history also dictates what is available - if you feel your vocation is a stage-coach driver or a court jester then you are a couple of centuries too late! The search can be frustrating - all holes seem to be round ones - and many folk never find the supposed ideal.
They either dream on or they give up. But all is not lost - we can take a different view.

What if our vocation is not 'out there' but already within us?